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Why learn with digital sheet music?

Digital sheet music is a great way to learn new songs and pieces. You can find digital sheet music for almost any song or piece of music, and it is often cheaper and more convenient than buying physical sheet music. You can learn with digital sheet music at home, using your own computer and internet connection. This makes it easy to pick up where you left off, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Is learning with digital sheet music better than learning with physical sheet music?

Yes! Research shows that playing a song or learning a piece of music with digital sheet music is better for your skills and knowledge than just reading about it (such as through an explanation video on YouTube) or hearing it from This is because you must understand what you’re seeing on the page and do the activities for yourself (such as reading the music and following the exercises). You can’t just listen to the song and know it. Then you can share your progress with friends, giving and receiving support. If you’d rather just listen to music and not read or do any activities, you can still learn by hearing, just as long as you play along with the recording.

Benefits of digital sheet music

Digital sheet music has a number of advantages over traditional printed music. It is much easier to store and transport, and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. Unlike paper sheet music, digital sheet music can be shared easily online and on mobile devices.

As digital sheet music is not bound by physical restrictions, such as page numbers or stapled pages, it can be more dynamic and contain more interactive elements. Digital sheet music can also contain interactive videos and audio tracks, which are accessible to all.

Digital sheet music is much cheaper than printed sheet music. It is also less demanding on printers, as there is no need to print multiple copies for each student. Online sheet music can be more dynamic than printed sheet music because of the interactive elements. The music can contain any instrument or combination of instruments, as well as all types of dynamics pedal markings, articulations, and textures. Read more here »

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